EARN £50 - £500 PER MONTH








Viva MK was formed to fill the gap in the market, left by Kleeneze and Betterware both going into administration in April 2018.


Michael Khatkar is the Managing Director, who is in Partnership with Richard and Sarah Lord, who owned  the company that used to make and supply Cleaning Products for Kleeneze.


Distributers are Self Employed and obtain orders using Catalogues or Online Selling for products they know they can get at a Wholesale Price of 75% of the Retail Price.


You can also get Volume Bonus if you and any team members you have, sell over set amounts over the month.


£500, 3%

£1000, 5%

£2000, 7%

£4000,. 10%.

This is paid into your Bank Account about a week after the month end.


No hidden costs.You will need to pay £10 for a Starter Kit, what will be 100 of every current Catalouge, with Order Forms and Bags.


You need

  • to be 18 or over (sorry, but that is the law).
  • Use of a Printer for day lables (your sponsor will help you out with a temeplate, and if you do not have one, they might post you what you need to get started.
  • Use of either a PC, Laptop or even a Smart Phone

You put your books out in your local area, keeping records on what houses look at them.

As an example, a street might have 100 on it, but if 35 do not look at the books, you can replace them with other houses the next time you do that street, what I suggest is every 4 weeks.


There is a min Order of £110 without paying a delivery charge, what is about £138 retail price.

While you have to pay for your Order when you place it, by Debit or Credit Card, DPD deliver your order to you on the 2nd working day after you place it, where you customer can then pay you cash on delivery.


You can Order more sets of Catalogues if you want to increase your income, at cost price. Its best to speck to your sponsor about how much you want to earn, who will help you set up a retailing plan based around your avaliablity. They will then be able to work out how many books you will need.


IF YOU HAVE BEEN SET TO THIS PAGE BY ONE OF THE TEAM, CONTACT THEM TO SIGN UP. If not, you register at www.vivamk.com and put in Mark Ringland as Sponsor.


The system will email you a link to make payment for your Starter Kit, what will normally be sent out the same day, if you make payment before 3pm.