Oriframe gives people the chance to either make a small income in your spare time, or more if you treat it the same as a part time job.


It is free to join and you can have a website up and running in about 10 min.

Catalogues are optional and cost from £3.90 for a start up pack of 10, to £14.65 for a kit containing 50. This includes Order forms and carrier bags. You will need to get snap bags from somewhere like EBay.


Sales periods last 3 weeks and in that time you get a credit onto your account in real time for online sales, and get discount on your Orders of 20% up to £100, 30% £100-650 and 35% £650+.


As well as buying your catalouges if you want them, you need to pay for your first order, and it must be £50 or more retail. This is due to people joining for free, getting an order and not paying. You will get a credit limit of £75-125 put on to your account the next working day, and this will be reviewed based on payment history and how much in orders you do.


You get an adjustment at the end of the period, if your overall sales exceed £100 or £650, to top you up to the correct amount you should of made on each transaction. Example, if you do 2 x £60 orders, at end of period, you will get 10% as a credit to your account.


You can build your own sales team by sponsoring, but you need 4 active team members and a business turnover of £1000, before you will get any bonus. Over time, you can build this part time business into a full time income.