Catalouge Request

To request a catalogue, please fill in the form below. It will be delivered in up to 3 days, and will have a label saying what day to leave it outside.


Viva M, . You will then be added to my existing round closest to the area you live in. Every 4 weeks I will post all current cataluges, to collect 2 or 3 days later, as per the label. 


Oriframe, New catalougues come out every 3 weeks, with new Special Offers each time. I aim to bring the catalogues towards the start of the 3 week sales period. Note that Orders come from in the EU, to take 5 days from when I place the Order, what is normally every week.


Note that there is no obligation to order every time from the catalogues. However, by coming this frequent it ensures you never miss out on any Special Offers.


Limited Time Offers are only posted in my Facebook Groups.


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